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With the Million $$$ Broker Training Program, you'll get . . .

  • A REAL CAREER that pays Big Money!

  • Everything you need to be setup and working within 1 week

  • Guidance and Support (Something "Get Rich" schemes never seem to have)

  • All Materials you need

  • Access to 4 On-line Workbook Modules

  • Access to 4 On-line Workshop Module Videos

  • Fully Customizable Templets for presenting to and signing your clients

  • Affiliate Marketing Access to earn while you learn. Commissions available in excess of $200

  • Scripts, ad campaign mockups, and so much more!

Change your life forever by enrolling now!

It is not uncommon for students to start making money, even before they Graduate. Just listen to this Graduate's reaction when she got paid while attending only the 2nd class!!

Will this be you next?

We train our students to take control of their own futures as dominating forces in the financial industry, and you could be our next big success. 

It's All here for you

to put your career (and future) into your control.

Karen R.

Master's Course Graduate

"Oh my, this course is amazing. I am so excited. Class 2 and I already have my first client!!!"

Others JUST LIKE YOU are taking their income to new heights as Factoring Business Brokers with this course.
Are you Ready?

Once you complete this training program, you will have much more than a basic understanding of what we do as Factoring Business Brokers. You will also already have your first contract to work directly with one of our funding partners to fund your deals. 

Currently, competition is low and the broker market is holding well with room to accommodate more brokers. This could change soon, so hurry and complete your training now. 


Consider this 1st:

It's not easy to be the one in charge

  • You need to be properly trained to know what to look for in a client/funding partner (Guidance and support are the key here. Funding Partnerships are not created equal. Neither are our clients)

  • You need to stay focused and put in the time and effort to do what it takes each and every day (Follow the simple step-by-step process we provide)

  • Nobody you know will likely understand what you do until you explain it (Factoring has been used since before the Bible was written but, strangely, few know about or understand it)

  • Being your own Boss means telling yourself to get to work (Avoiding distractions and sticking to the plan we provide can be difficult for those who have difficulty with self-motivation)

  • You may find those you think are "friends" will root for you to fail (It's horrible, but true! As soon as you start making REAL Money, your friends will start questioning your decisions and try to talk you out of doing better than they are. Its basic psychology. )

But Cheer Up!
I'm going to tell you the secret right now that they are still asking themselves; the secret to long-lasting wealth and 
prosperity that they are still searching for. The secret is simple. It lies in the ability to keep working and having that work keep working for you when you aren't working.  

This is the secret sauce that Factoring Business Brokers who have graduated the Million $$$ Broker Training Course have figured out which has propelled them to the top of our industry. 

And because so few understand exactly what it is that we do, competition is low in the market right now and our brokers have more work than they can handle.

Yep, when you tell someone that you are a Million $$$ Broker, you are telling them that you are the best of the best, bar none.

But that's not all . . .
As a Special incentive For You
Today Only!
(Take a Look at these 2 amazing bonuses you'll get)

These 2 AMAZING Bonuses are worth an estimated $200,000 added to your income each year!!!

And they're all yours, ABSOLUTELY FREE today when you enroll in the Million $$$ Broker Training Course.


Dot W.

Master's Course Graduate

"The training and information is immeasurable. The response level is second to none. I am so excited about having the opportunity to become a million dollar broker. With the step by step training that is provided, you can't help but be a success. If you follow the plan, you can walk into your happy place. I highly recommend Factor Careers!"

Highly Trusted: Here's what REAL Students and Graduates are saying about this magnificent training program.

Client Agreements that Convert

Having a written agreement between you and your client is an important step, but having the right agreement that not only binds a client to you, but also sells them on the idea, is priceless. 

Our Client Agreement is:
        - Fully Customizable
        - Simple 2 Page Format
        - Highly engaging
        - Iron Clad

In Depth Interviews with Funding Partners

No other Training Program in the game offers this level of detailed information. Included in your enrollment package, these in depth Interviews with Funding Partners give you a direct look inside the working of the Factoring Companies you will be working with. 

These Interviews give you valuable insight into what they are looking for, how to get it, and how to work with your clients. 

This information is Priceless!

Marketing Resources to Get your Brokerage Moving

With Resources to Market your Brokerage and help you explain your services to you clientele, you have a Ready-2-Go plan of attack to get your business up and running fast. 

Just as other students and graduates have done before you, you can utilize these resources to place yourself right in front of your target client at the right time, and get PAID!

Expert Training and Report Walkthroughs


Wondering what lies inside those 4 Modules, expert knowledge and detailed training. Everything is gone over with great care so that whether you are an industry outsider or a college dropout, you will have no issues understanding, implementing, and making money with the information contained in this course. 

Access to the latest updates and News


Hours and hours of additional information, tips, and new approaches shared by other students and graduates are available to you through the FactorCareers Live! podcast show. We talk about our successes, learn from mistakes so that others can avoid them, and look for ways to improve our lives, community, and earning power. 

Look for the email with links to the show after you complete your enrollment today!

We have many friends, and so do you!

As a member of the Million $$$ Broker Training Network, you will have access to valuable discounts for software products and other services that you might like to use in your brokerage to increase your profitability and save your time and energy. 

Our friends have provided us with EXCEPTIONAL DISCOUNTS on their products and services due to our relationships with them that are exclusively for members of our broker community. 

Access to 4 Complete Modules (Video + Workbook) and a Quick Start Guide

Module 1 -  What is a Factoring Business Broker
                     How to Get Paid as a Broker
                     How to Access Other People's Money

Module 2 - The Magical World of Funding Partners

Module 3 -  Negotiating Contracts
                     Getting Signed with Partners
                     Building Relationships with BDOs
                     Interview Transcript with a Funding Partner

Module 4 - Closing Clients
                    Organizing Your Deals
                    Knowing Your Worth
                    Determining How to Set Fees
                    Super Secret Formula for Getting Paid 2x

You might feel as though a new career, especially one in the field of finance, is too hard or too late to start. Well the truth couldn't be further from that. The fact is that you don't need any fancy math skills, or a fancy business degree to do what we do. A high school education is more than enough to provide you with the skills you need to understand the material within this course. The course itself will provide you with all the skills you need to be one of the most successful brokers in our industry.  

No matter what industry you're in now,  or area of expertise you have gained over the years, our training program can empower you to take that knowledge and apply it in ways you never thought possible to increase your income.  

Just check out the many, many, things we have included in this one amazing training program!


Caroline N.

Master's Course Graduate

"Great class! I appreciate that it is pre-planned and on point. And especially that you send us the slides after attending so that during the class I can truly pay attention vs. getting lost in taking notes. Thanks so much for your training and support."

Robert C.

Basic Course Student

"Good training program options, and good teacher."


Some Important Information from Creator of the Million $$$ Broker Training Program, Chris Miller...

Sounds Great,

But How Much Is It?

We know that you are super excited, and probably eager to get started, having seen the features that this amazing training program has to offer. The only question bothering you at this point is probably how much this costs and if you will be able to afford it.

Before we even talk about our ultra-low introductory one-time price, we want to take a second to show you what you would have to spend with our top competitors to get much less than you will get with the training found within this program.

Competitor Prices

Factoring Investor

PDF Books Only

+ Optional Add Ons


Data Max

PDF Book Only



1,450 +

Monthly Subscription

Must go through them to make a deal. 


PDF Books + Video

$480 +

Monthly Subscription

Must go through them to make a deal. 

So as you have now seen, our competitors are charging large fees each and every month for little more than a few books in PDF form, and some access (through them) to move deals forward. With the Million $$$ Broker training program here from FactorCareers, we offer our brokers the books, plus video training, marketing tools, scripts, access to your own funding sources, and guidance to build a successful brokerage business of your own. To stay in line with the competition, we are selling this program for $997 total (out the door) price, But with all of the Bonuses and Extras we have packed into this program, we are basically giving it away for a huge discounted price. In fact, you can get it today for less than even half of the price tag we should put on it.

So don't wait? Just hit the "Buy Now Button" below to get your hands on this amazing training program now, and take your income to new level as a professional Factoring Business Broker. 


Take Advantage of This Launch Special NOW and Lock In LIFETIME INCOME EARNING POTENTIAL With One TINY Investment Today & Have FULL Control over your Business...

No Subsription Fees Ever - Pay only Once, Own It for Life!

Everything You Need To Get Started
Within 1 Week
2 Great Bonuses that will triple your earning potential each year!
Access to PROVEN System
Step-by-Step Training
Detailed Explanations 
Ability to Earn While You Learn
Contract to work directly with one of our Funding Partners 
One Time Payment

ACT NOW while you can get the Million $$$ Broker Training Program at this crazily discounted price!

The Next Classes Are Beginning Soon!


Million $$$ Masters

Million $$$ Broker Basics


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