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Million $$$ Broker

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Start your Path on a REAL CAREER CHANGE in the Finance Industry

FREE Webinar Signup - Learn how to Become a Factoring Business Broker

Ask questions - get answers

Our Factoring Fundamentals Course Webinar is designed to cover the following topics:

  1. Provide an overview of what Factoring is

  2. Explain how Factoring Brokers help businesses access more money

  3. Explain what we do as Factoring Business Brokers. 

  4. Key information to consider

  5. How much can your commissions be on a deal

  6. Requirements to get our client's approved


If you are interested in learning what it takes to become a Factoring Business Broker and would like to evaluate if this career field would be right for you, or how attending classes in our Million $$$ Broker Training Program would be, this webinar is right for you. 


NOTE: As a special thank you for joining us for this webinar,  we will be revealing some very special offers and giveaways during the presentation. 

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